Latin & Belly Dance

Latin & Belly Dance

Latin & Belly DanceLatin & Belly DanceLatin & Belly Dance

Art of Offering your guests a high level entertainment.

Meet Soraya

Professional dancer:

Bellydance / Brazilian samba / Salsa / Bachata / Afro...


Dance instructer.


Order an electrifying dance show by Soraya !

A professional dancer, instructor and choreographer in latin and bellydance, known for her charisma, charm and contagious smile, she will tailor a high quality performance that will add the sparkle guaranteed to delight your guests.

 Contact her for details, she will make you travel in time and space through her dance art. 

Soraya Offers:

  • Shows and workshops for Corporate and Private events
  • Weddings shows and animations.
  • Birthdays shows and animations. 
  • Bachelorette animations & dance lessons.
  • Wedding tailored dance choreographies.
  • Shows for cultural festivals.
  • Workshops for national and international dance events.
  • Private / Semi-private classes.

How doEs it work?


Show Set

Her Multicultural Signature

Her Multicultural Signature

Performances are 45 minutes duration per set, adjustable to fit your needs.

The set contains a 10 min with an exciting entrance with some of the props.

Followed by a 30 min lively audience interaction, fun and dance with the guests to entertain and motivate them to party on the dance floor...


Her Multicultural Signature

Her Multicultural Signature

Her Multicultural Signature


You can choose either to travel with her on the magical oriental carpet for a 1001 night show  

( Classic belly dance, Saidi, baladi, Dabke, Iraqi, Moroccan Shaabi...)

The performance can include one or several props: Veil, Isis wings, 

Sword, Cane, Cymbals...

Or you can choose a caribbean destination for a sizzling latin dance performance ( Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Samba, Merengue...)

Her multilingual skills: French, English, Spanish and different Arabic dialects.. make her interaction with her audience easy and fluid.



Her Multicultural Signature


- Classes are tailored for the needs and types of events: 

( Corporate events, for national and international dance festivals, Cultural events, as a Guest instructor for schools, for privates and semi-privates.)

- Choreographies and combinations.

- Rich theoretical introduction, history and cultural background of each given style. 

- Deep dive through different techniques,  body movement, musicality, learning rhythms, interpretation of instruments.

- A lot of dance classes to choose from: drum solo, baladi, saidi, khaleegy, fusion, fantasy bellydance, Moroccan Chaabi, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, ...


Dancer - Choreographer - Instructor


In love with dance since she was a little girl ( raised in an oriental culture, she loved to reproduce all her mom s and aunts dance movements during family gatherings.. before getting inspired later by the egyptian dancers movie stars like Neima Akef, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Fifi Abdo, Dina…)

She started taking local bellydance classes in 2007 and discovered latin dance classes in 2009.

In 2015, she decided to give up her career in law, take her backpack and travel to combine and share her 2 passions which are traveling and exploring different cultures… and taking her dance to a professional level through workshops and performances and grow her dance knowledge with internationally renowned artists.

She had the opportunity to produce on various stages ( Morocco, Asia, Europe, North America...) and in various contexts of shows, workshops, animations, dance festivals…)

Like her artistic eclecticism (painting, music, photography...), she likes to merge dances and enhance her style by punctuating it with borrowed movements (afro, belly dance, rumba, salsa, flamenco, reggaeton, brazilian samba…)

According to her, the musicality is the basis of the dance : Moving the body without being connected to the music is a body in motion, it can be beautiful... but moving the body while interpreting the music and becoming an instrument of the music is dancing... and is the magic tool of being a good dancer.

Arrived in Canada in 2015, she had to wait a long time for the formalisation of her status to finally be able to live fully of her passion and especially, to share it with you.